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11 February 2010 @ 06:05 pm
let's cut to the chase. after this post, until further notice, i'm probably not going to update livejournal again. it started with a hiatus, and then it got to a point where i began to see my avoidance from livejournal like it was some kind of pet, to nurture and encourage to keep going. this explains the simple fact that i hadn't posted shit since the middle of november. certainly much has changed since then.

but i state such without just reason. and no, it's not facebook. much like my reluctance to get livejournal back in the day, i have no genuine interest in signing up for facebook, no matter how much of modern society it has ingrained itself into.

for the first time in like six or seven years, i've updated my personal website, and that is where i intend to maintain my base of internets operations moving forward. i switched to a wordpress, so i can do all my writing there. i'm aware that i could plugin to where i could cross-post with el jay, but honestly, i just don't feel like anchoring down my site with it.

to anyone who actually cares of the things i post and write, i'd love the support of your visits, because that's the only place where i'll be brogging from now on. i'll keep the lj account open, because i still do check with some regularity to see what 8-9 remaining users are up to, and so i can continue to let evan know that the bears suck, let dave sucks that i own him at sfa3 now and forever, and other sarcastic remarks.

16 November 2009 @ 10:01 pm
to anyone who has ever played any competitive sports on any semblance of a team, or anyone who had undergone any intense training will know what a suicide is. it's a painfully excruciating sprinting drill meant to increase stamina as well as create competition with your peers.

take a basketball court - you start underneath one net, and you sprint to the closest free throw line. you sprint back, and immediately turn around and sprint to the three-point line. you sprint back to the net, turn around, and run to half court. run back, turn around, and run to the other three point line. basically you repeat this until you've touched both free throw lines, both three point lines, half court, and the other net. in the end, you're an exhausted mess of humanity who wishes nothing more than to crawl into a hole and slit your wrists.

yeah, that's my how my current freelance assignment is feeling lately. but like suicides, i'm telling myself what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. or something like that.

but yeah well who cares.

tomorrow, L2D. no better way to let loose frustrations than shooting shit. will fire up the xbox starting probably around 9 pm est, and play until my eyes bleed.
28 September 2009 @ 12:07 am
do you ever get the feeling that there's so much going on in your collective world, that it tends to feel a little bit overwhelming? sounds cliche, but it's kind of the atmosphere i'm feeling as of late. a lot of changes going on all around me, and i don't quite know how to feel about it. a little unnerved, mostly, because i like it when things are settled down and nice and steady.

friends getting married, friends moving away. new additions to the family, while others members of my family are reaching out for assistance. i've been off the working wagon for so long that getting back into it has been a little shaky, mentally for me. i'm freelancing for yet another company right now, and i don't quite know what to think of it yet, and i don't think that's a good thing, thus far. my weekends are booked, and not enough money is coming in (yet) to compensate for my depleting bank accounts. i'm beginning to think i'm traveling far too much for my own good right now, and honestly, i don't want to think about any airplanes once november rolls around.

a lot of this preemptive anxiety is certainly money-related, but now that the freelance branch is baring fruits again, it should help, but i guess i was expecting more gigs than i had been getting for the last few weeks, and my constant travels haven't exactly helped the cause on several fronts.

i'm by no means upset at the world or mad at anyone or anything for the temperamental way life has been sloshing back and forth, but i am feeling slightly on edge, and look forward to when things simmer down to a less difficult to manage pace.
24 September 2009 @ 02:36 am
maybe it's the whole not-working thing, but i'm feeling quite lazy, and this is the result of it. instead of a well-thought out, articulately written post about my experiences, i'm just going to post a whole lot of pictures. and since each picture is worth a thousand words, in the end, it'll be like i wrote a god damned novel.

this past weekend, myself and a whole bunch of others went out to olympia, washington to witness our boy chas get married. in all seriousness, it was a beautiful wedding. and i have a ton of pictures to prove it. in fact, 313 posted images is probably the most i've done, and i'm obviously not going to subject you to every single one of them, but i'm going to tag up my favorites.

c's > s's, soju, koreans, drunkards, evidence that johnny kim is alive. i hope you have high speed connection.Collapse )
22 September 2009 @ 06:52 pm
i was originally going to talk about the chaotic ending that involved santa claus and red-eye flights, to what was otherwise a pretty fun weekend, but man does reality tend to require a gander with ones own two eyes to really see what's going on.  i drove around today to run an errand or three, and ultimately ended up having to do these errands completely elsewhere because of this:

i guess those of us who weren't under a rock or completely ignorant on the left coast was aware that there were some monstrous storms and severe flooding that took place in the greater southeastern united states, and in my relevance, namely the state of georgia, and the metro atlanta area getting absolutely brutalized.  i heard from some folks i was stranded with, in sea-tac that their homes in buckhead/decatur/doraville were flooded, and other catastrophic stories.  living on a pretty big hill, my house was fortunately spared of a similar fate, but upon driving out today, properties barely three miles away from my neighborhood could not say the same thing.

i can watch all the cnn footage the telly can show me, but it doesn't sink in until i see while driving by, homes, submerged to the point of not being habitable, and in the case of the second photograph, the chattahoochee river, flooded to where it is practically touching the bottom of the bridge, which normally has a 20 ft. drop to the surface of the average height.  downright creepy to see it so close to home, but all i can really feel is that i'm fortunate that it didn't happen to me, and my heart goes out to the victims of this vicious flooding, because things aren't going to be normal for a long time.

stories and photographs from the washington trip forthcoming after i get some actual god damned sleep.

14 September 2009 @ 01:39 pm
holy crap.  no matter how well off i think i am physically, i clearly overestimated my jogging ability today.  because i've been feeling like a jealous fatty the last few weeks since i haven't been going to a gym for over two months now, i decided to push myself a little bit today.  jen's got two handheld 5 lb. weights for p90x, that i decided to carry while i went for my typical 1.5 mile jog around the 'hood.

holy crap, were my eyes bigger than my expectations.  not only did i not run all 1.5 miles, probably a quarter mile was spent walking because i was so gassed from the additional 10 lbs. of weight i was carrying, and at one point, an uncomfortable feeling in my right bicep made me have to hold both weights in my left hand.  yes, i'm aware of the masturbation jokes this sets me up for, but i'm not dumb enough to ignore physical warning signs.  clearly, in the grand perspective, an additional 10 lbs. of weight is brutal for me to haul while doing my normal routine.  i swear, running 10Ks weren't nearly as strenuous as this felt.
09 September 2009 @ 03:58 pm

Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott Leaders Flown to Valve HQ

this story made me lol greatly today.

as many l4d fans may or may not know, when the announcement of left 4 dead 2 became public, out of nowhere, a boycott group sprang from the basements all across the world.  like many mindless sheep, this contingency of disgruntled l4d fans hoarded together upwards of 20,000 fawns to join this group, citing reasons to be pissed at valve for daring to make a sequel to their wildly popular zombie killer.

they believed that l2d was being released too soon, and would be chock full of flaws and problems, and was likely being done a little too expediently in order to profit on the popularity of l4d.

well, no shit.  that's kind of what the point of running is a successful business is all about - making money.

anyway, it's hard to say whether or not their butt-hurt bitching got anywhere, but as promised by the valve people, l4d is not being abandoned just yet, and there will still continually be updates for it.  this was justified with the announcement, and upcoming release of a bonus campaign, crash course, which is to be released within the next week or two.

to get to the main point though, the two "founders" of such "movement" were flown out to wherever the fuck valve HQ is, and apparently given the grand tour of the place.  and the above photograph, let's just say they look like everything i would've imagined these people to look like.  and no, the fat mess in the middle with the unsightly FUPA stain isn't one of them, he's the president of valve.  i especially love the camera belt clip, for his point and shoot touring probably the place of this nerd's dreams.

two thoughts:
  • they sold out.  simply by agreeing to visit and obviously have a great time doing it, the two founders of the l2d boycott have essentially alienated themselves from the rest of their sheep, and it's already shown with dissension in the group, with the sheep claiming that they've been corrupted by valve.
  • valve people knew they would do it, and what would be the result.  look at the shit-eating grin on the fat motherfucker's face.  he smiles like he knew that all he had to do was dangle a carrot in front of these two losers, and they would come chasing after it, without realizing that it was probably stuffed up his ass prior.  he smiles the triumphant smile of not only beating his only opposition, but doing it in an awkward and uncomfortable way.
whatever happened to principles?  whatever happened to following through?  if you're going to boycott something, go all the way.  i knew it was retarded when it first came up, and no matter how many sheep flock to this retardolution, 70% of them are going to be salivating in front of their gamestop, waiting to get their grubby paws on l2d on november 17th.  and then the other 30% of them will break down and follow suite two days later when all their friends are playing without them, and they don't want to get left behind.
07 September 2009 @ 02:57 pm
but i guess i'll say that i hope everyone makes it home somewhat safely, regardless of if there's any funny stories to be shared or not.

in short, the weekend was fun, despite the fact that as a sports fan it sucked because the braves got swept by the lowly reds and virginia tech lost to aleebama. but the nerd in me had a pleasant, albeit mostly inebriated time, the two evenings i spent at dragoncon. i'm going to toss it up in the air that my favorite costumes that i saw were either:

flo, the progressive insurance girl

the guys from king of the hill

'twas nice to have run into many folks throughout the weekend.  but anyway, pictures.  i put all of my pictures up already, because i'm expedient like that. the more i drank, the more ass shots arose.  das boot is a dangerous drinking facilitator.
31 August 2009 @ 01:47 am
so i'm in pearl, mississippi to catch a minor league baseball game.  a little leaguer makes jokes with his lackey buddies when he sees me walk by, and makes a remark of "hideki matsui," the japanese outfielder for the new york yankees.  oh, i get it - an asian joke!  hahahahaha!

nevermind the fact that i'm wearing my atlanta braves hat, and my aviator sunglasses.  am i that obviously asian even with 70% of my head concealed?  no matter.  i chalk it up to him being a dumb kid, and kids are all dumb.

during the game, i get hungry.  mississippi's baseball park has shit for food options, so eventually i settle on some chili cheese nachos; hey, if i'm going to eat like crap, i'm going to go all the way.  so concessions clerk, a woman, probably late 40s, early 50s, white, southern americana, takes my debit card, and removes her glasses and squints as she reads the name on the card.  she then says to me, and i am 100% not making this up:

"Oh, that's an easy name.  I thought you were going to have one of those difficult-to-read names, that, you know..."

that what?  was going to be too oriental, and incomprehensible for you to read?  like a thai last name with fourteen syllables in it?  or a chinese name that incorporates Xi's into it?  i honestly couldn't believe that she said that.  but then i remembered that i was in pearl, mississippi.  and like a champ, i played it off, and explained that i was born in virginia, and was as american as she was, which probably mortified her, to be so similar to such a ching-chongy oriental person.

lol mississippi.

24 August 2009 @ 03:52 pm
back when i was still a wee-teenager, and i worked at the 'ol anime store, i really hated dragonball z (henceforth referred to as "duh-bizz").  maybe hate is a strong word, but i had little care for it.  much like everything else everyone else seems to fawn over, the more people loved duh-bizz, the less i cared for it.  unfortunately, this was during a period of introductory anime, even before pokemon, where when it came to kids liking anime, kids liked duh-bizz.

and at the time, the guys i worked for knew this, and capitalized on it, as any good business managers should.  but that left all of us who worked there to have to actually know a few things about duh-bizz, so that we could push and sell it onto the less than knowledgible, or the posers who wished to expand their duh-bizz exposure.  it was kind of like torture.  the top selling things at the store were always duh-bizz garbage.  videos, special order video/dvds, t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts, and every imported duh-bizz toy we could manage to order.

i didn't understand the appeal of duh-bizz.  duh-bizz alone was an almost ungodly 300 episodes, not to mention the 100+ from the prefacing duh-bee and the ensuing duh-bee-GT afterward.  even from a kids perspective, i have to imagine that it's gotta get boring after the first 50 hours of non-stop fighting, endless battle stamina, and a billy mays-like BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE powering up until finally the animators threaten to go on strike bringing a pointless and poorly executed conclusion to each "epic" battle.  and to think, i've known people who have seen literally every single duh-bizz episode, movie, special, and all the prequels and sequels, wondering wtf?

needless to say, i remember discussing with other people, that i couldn't wait for the day when duh-bizz more or less died down.  welp, it's been ten years since those hostile teenage thoughts, but it's nice to know that duh-bizz is pretty much no longer "in," nor is it really relevant to current times anime fandom, either.  not that i couldn't really care less about any of those niches nowadays, but something that i was thinking about while i was running today.